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Shelf Limited Liability Company: Five Year Old Shelf LLC/Shelf Company for $1500.  Please request the list here.

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  • llc, wyoming llc, delaware llc, nevada llc, limited liability company, limited-liability company, limited, liability, charging order, charging order protectionFACT:  WYOMING invented the American LLC in 1977, as it was modeled after the 1892 German company law known as Gesellschaft mit beschrnkter Haftung (GmbH).  Nevada and Delaware copied Wyoming's LLC and profited from it most through better marketing.

WY 2010 change:  A Creditor MAY NOT foreclose against your interest in a Wyoming LLC!

"...Other remedies, including foreclosure on the judgment debtor's limited liability interest and a court order for directions, accounts and inquiries that the judgment debtor might have made are not available to the judgment creditor attempting to satisfy a judgment out of the judgment debtor's interest in the limited liability company and may not be ordered by the court."

Compare the Nevada LLC? Wyoming LLC?  New Mexico LLC?

  • Wyoming LLC:  Wyoming does NOT require reporting of the LLC members.  Annual state fees are $50.

  • Nevada LLC:  Nevada requires reporting of the members to the SOS.  Annual fees are $325.

  • New Mexico LLC:  Nevada requires no annual report and no annual state fee.

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1.  Increase credibility

2.  Build corporate credit

3.  Access contracting and bidding opportunities

4.  Improve marketing campaign

5.  Instant access to a company.

6.  Access investment capital.